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Silent Spirits Awareness Campaign. The Revision FBI Unified Crime Reporting Definition of Forcible Rape

In December of 2011, the announcement hit the press… FBI has officially revised the Uniform Crime Report’s (UCR) definition of rape.  For over 80 years, we have been using a definition that did NOT include males as victims or all types of penetration. Each state has and operates under individually developed state statutes and most include a broader defination.

Silent Spirits wants to work in Oregon to be proactive around the “ripple effect” of this much needed revision. We want to first express the frustration with the amount of time it takes for action to apply to national, statewide and local change…

  • The current defination posted on the UCR website is still the old version
  • Data collection and reporting that will include males and the broader defination of rape takes years to compile and distribute
  • Funding to support “what we already know” takes years

“This definitional change was recently approved by FBI Director Robert S. Mueller. This change will give law enforcement the ability to report more
complete rape offense data, as the new definition reflects the vast majority of state rape statutes. As we implement this change, the FBI is confident that the number of victims of this heinous crime will be more accurately reflected in national crime statistics.”

Silent Spirits want to  raise awareness to this revision and support local agencies in developing current program implementation and data collection to support long-term sustainable services for victims that have not been counted this country. We are not “direct service” focused and therefore are NOT in competition with non-profit or government agencies. Our vision is to change the landscape of this country around sex abuse and feel that this revision is a start. You may ask..

Why are you campaigning awareness to a forcible rape unified crime reporting revision?

Silent Spirits wants to see a localized “grassroots” response to the fact that so many victims of sexual assault have not been validated or counted in our country for over 80 years. Secondly, we fully recognize that a very large percentage of individuals who are raped as teens and adults are victims of child sexual abuse. The works starts there.


Savenia Falquist-Dionne


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