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Are We Just Players in “The Grooming Game”

As each month passes by, I am filled with a sense of urgency to raise sex abuse awareness. We have established groups and individuals who seek acceptance for their deviancy and desire to sexually abuse children.

When we turn on our televisions to watch the news, evening shows or a movie, we are being impacted by sex crimes against children. My personal observation has been that being blasted with news reports of child rapes, molestations, missing children, sex trafficking, abductions, murders, sex offender charges, sex offender sentences and sex offender releases leaves us feeling overwhelmed, fearful and helpless about protecting children. Why the hell wouldn’t we be!!!

I catch the news occasionally but can pretty much tell what is going on for the day. We talk about what we are exposed to and some of it very horrific. What are we saying though… here are a few of the comments I hear daily:

“Pieces of Shit! We should just kill them and be done.”

“We need to teach our children how to protect themselves from these monsters.”

“I don’t believe in repeat offender’s” (one of my favorites by the way)

So these are great ways for us to “get things off of our chest”. Maybe even make us feel like we are addressing child sex abuse in some way? Talking about this issue is essential and these comments are a conversation starter. In reality though they aren’t going to happen. I wish it was much easier but it just isn’t. Sex Offender games are extremely manipulative and complex. Our “justice” system is panning out to be persercution for victims and  justice for criminals.  Our legal system culture continues to blame victims and requires victims to be re-victimized over and over with very little hope for prosecution. Thank you Defense Attorney’s!!! (Not all are money seeking societal distroyers but the one’s that are have been extremely successful- just my opinion).

Some data shows us that approximatley 3% of sex offender’s are actually criminally prosecuted’ so as it stands, they walk among us pretty freely. They groom individual adults, communities and their victims to gain their access. We are all player’s in the Grooming Game and most of us don’t even know the “game” exists. Which brings me to my issue with most of our efforts being focused on children protecting themselves… If we don’t even know we are being manipulated, how can we possibly expect our children to know? Just sayin’. Sexual Predators are family, friends and communtiy members that know us. They manipulate by gaining trust and use that to sexually abuse our children.

So after years of sitting through attorney interviews with children as young as five years old and watching cases closed or plead down to NOTHING, I developed “The Grooming Game” training for adults. I don’t have all of the answers and there is no “full-proof” way to stop sex offenders but we have learned enough about them to at least know we are in the “game”. The way I figure it… if deviant harmful members of our communities can figure us out, what are we doing to figure them out.? Really! They are not that masterful in their game. The true power that they have had over us is our human response to fear. If we know it we can fight it! We have to for our next generation and for all of the vulnerable disabled and elderly people that are being preyed on.

Thank you for reading my page and your feedback is always appreciated.


Savenia Falquist – Silent Spirits

One Comment
  1. Terie Peters permalink

    Love the article. I am looking forward to learning more of how we can beat this grooming game dead on.

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