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The Silent Spirits in Services

Sometimes it is important to take a step back and take a closer look at our surroundings. How many of us have decorated our homes and after some time goes by we don’t “see” what is on our walls, shelves or counters? I do recall spending many hours crafting and creating a wicker heart basket with dried flowers. Loved it! About a year later, I looked up and thought “What was I thinking”? It was not pretty and covered with dust. I had forgotten that it was even there.

We sometimes put things aside or throw away that in a year we would love to display. This brings me to our latest campaign to raise awareness to child sexual abuse and sex abuse of vulnerable people. So many organizations that serve people in treatment, human services, criminal justice and even victim services do not display materials that speak directly to sex abuse. We hope that this is the time to assess environments and include messaging that acknowledges and validates those who are suffering from the impacts of child sex abuse. We plaster our walls with brochures, flyers and posters that speak to domestic violence, rape, child abuse and neglect, bullying, suicide, substance abuse (the list goes on). Silent Spirits is asking staff and management of agencies and organizations to “step back” and assess lobby and office space for this specific messaging material.

If we acknowledge and validate this abuse for adult survivors, they can start to break silences and deal with “root cause” issues to start healing. Ultimately, we hope to see adults healing and interrupting the generational cycle of child sexual abuse.

Silent Spirits is available to assist in locating awareness materials. It is time to break our silence in the field of human services.

Savenia Falquist


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